Our head office and quarry is based just on the outskirts of Johannesburg. We have state of the art facilities ensuring top quality products are produced consistently to keep up with clients’ demands.

Our silica goes through a complex process of screening and washing before it gets hydro sized to create precision USGA specification sand, suitable for construction and maintenance of a golf course.

Our organics are produced through an aerobic composting method, combining a perfectly balanced nitrogen and carbon mix which is weed and seed free.

Our mediums are perfectly suited for golf courses, driving ranges, bowling greens and sports fields as well as all varieties of kikuyu, Synodon and bent grass.

The uniqueness of Silica Leisure’s corporate structure enables us to mix and create products suited to each client’s specific needs.


Silica Leisure is a dynamic sand and organic solution company providing your leisure market with quality product to ISO 9001 standards.

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